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Snowboard Nidecker Micron Flake

Beginner - intermediate
Freestyle all-mountain
Hiver 2021

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The Micron Flake model from Nidecker is a girl's snowboard, perfect for beginners or occasional recreational riders that enabes fun and progression.


Level Beginner - Intermediate
Snowboard category Freestyle All-mountain
Gender Kid
Year H21
Snowboard camber Flat
Insert 4X4
Shape 100% Twintip
Pop 3
Grip 3
Stability 3
Stiffness 3

The Nidecker Micron Flake is a snowboard with a modern, no-frills construction. With a flat camber, rockers, flex and a symmetrical shape, it is based on a recipe that works throughout the resort and allows you to progress smoothly.  

What is the program of the Nidecker Micron Flake snowboard?  

The Micron Flake is a board that is really easy to ride, thanks to a resistant but light and flexible wood core, as well as a flat camber + rockers profile that provides lots of Comfort during edge/snow contact. This ensures a secure grip on the slopes, while maintaining tolerance on edge faults. It's perfect for beginners and in addition this profile also allows you to slide better on fresh snow at the edges of the piste and on transformed snow at the end of the day. Finally, the perfectly symmetrical shape and the well centered position of the feet allows the most daring to try their first freestyle tricks! With this board, little riders will quickly forget their hesitant beginnings on the green slopes and perform exploits throughout the resort!  

Who is the Nidecker Micron Flake Jr snowboard for?  

We recommend this model to small budding snowboarders, who are just starting out or who already have some basics, but are in need of a board that is tolerant and easy to ride in order to have fun and maintain progress.  

What are the main qualities of the Nidecker Micron Flake Jr snowboard?  




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