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What length for your kids skis?

Kids are always learning and growing when it comes to skiing and it's sometimes hard to find the right ski size for your junior. Most of the time, these skis will last for two or three seasons depending on the kid's ability and growth.

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If your kid is still learning and has not mastered parallel turns yet:

You'll need a ski length 10 or 15 cm smaller than the child's size.
Be careful not to go for over sized skis as it will only make it harder for your kid to learn the ropes and might even disgust him from skiing. The following year, the ski will be relatively smaller but it's a good thing as they will become more manoeuvrable and allow the kid to perfect its technique.

If your kids turns are flawless and he starts to venture on red slopes:

Then you can select a ski that's a bit bigger. We recommend you to go for a ski that's 5 to 10cm shorter than the kid's size.
Its technical capacities will allow him to spin the skis and the extra length will give him more stability when he'll start to get some speed as well as more buoyancy when he'll discover the joys of off-piste.

kid on performing piste skis

What ski length for a pre-teen or a teenager?

It's pretty simple, just check our guide How to choose your adult ski size? and follow the same recommendations.

What size for junior race skis?

In such a case, we recommend you to look at the federation and coaches council directives as each level and practice requires very specific alpine ski sizes.

As a conclusion:

A junior ski has to be between 15 and 5cm smaller than the kid's size. The smallest ones will suit beginners while the longer ones will be best for intermediate and advanced skiers. In any case, never choose over sized skis for your children. It is far better to facilitate the learning of the technical basics while ensuring a maximum of fun for your little champ.

BEWARE: junior skis are only compatible with junior ski boots. When your kid will start to change boots during adolescence, be cautious and check the compatibility. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist.

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