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Nordic ski set Redline 2.0 Skate Regular + bindings

The Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate Regular skating ski is the latest sensation of the Norwegian brand! Light, stable and forgiving, that’s what we call a masterpiece!

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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Triaxial Carbon Construction
PR 100X core
Weight of the pair in grams



After three years of intensive development, the Norwegian brand Madshus has launched its Redline 2.0, the most advanced ski they have ever created. The construction, ski geometry, and waist have been completely redesigned and the sensations on snow are just fantastic.

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate Regular cross-country ski?

Where should we begin? Completely redesigned, the Redline comes with a brand new geometry and new materials on the tip and tail. In order to preserve lightness during kick phase and the characteristic Redline balance, Madshus has totally revamped the ski extremities. The pointy tip is very original and offers a larger bearing surface, thus improving the ski stability and the ride with an optimized effect of friction. The camber has been revisited as well: on this Regular version intended for 'normal' compact snows, the camber is longer and makes the ski very lively at the end of the kick phase. You can feel it moving under the foot and yet, the camber is barely noticeable. Physically speaking, it stays very accessible. The triaxial carbon-covered PR100X core defines its character and you will find back the DNA of the ski you loved with better sensations and performances. And let's not forget the exhaustive work on the waist with the new P300 base, very versatile whatever the type of snow and piste profiles. All the work conducted by Madshus pays off on snow, the skis are even more nimble than the previous versions but still preserve the famous Madshus lightness. Ultra performant, forgiving and with an exceptional riding quality, this Redline 2.0 is truly a fantastic ski within everyone's reach.

Who is the Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate Regular cross-country ski for?

Obviously, a ski as advanced in terms of development and riding quality is first and foremost intended for true enthusiasts and regular skiers looking for an ultra-performing pair. The reference of racing skis will please long distance races fans. Already used on the cross-country ski and biathlon World Cups, it wasted no time to make a name for itself. It's a great achievement and we love it for its character, a ski for true enthusiasts.

What are the main assets of the Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate Regular ?

- Skating stability +++.

- Dynamic and forgiving

- Versatile

- Light during kick phase

Sizes : 

- 182cm, 60 to 75kg.

- 187cm, 70 to 85kg.

- 192cm, 85 to 100kg.

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