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Bolle Volt

Why choose Bolle Volt ski goggles?

Well-known brand in the world of optical and protective equipment, Bollé innovates every year to always offer quality products. After the success of its Phantom photochromic technology, the brand launched a high contrast lens named Volt. Available on Bollé snow goggles and the brand’s sunglasses, this lens is perfectly suited to fresh and tracked out snow conditions to offer the best possible vision when you are out in the mountains.

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The Eco Blanca Ice White Matte Volt Ice Blue women’s goggles from Bollé offer a perfect vision thanks to their cylindrical lens. They are made of bio sourced materials.  

  • Bolle Eco Blanca Ice White Matte Volt Ice Blue
  • Bolle Goggles Eco Blanca Oatmeal Matte Sunrise Overview


How do the Volt and Volt Plus lenses work?

To put it simply, the more contrast an image has, the better you can see the differences between tones. Contrast is also altered by ambient light, as you can guess, in a mountain environment, this can be a problem, especially on white out days. Obstacles such as moguls and depressions become more difficult to distinguish. Luckily, Volt lens is here to save the day! Thanks to high contrasts, it enhances the differences between colours to better see the terrain around you. To design a high contrast lens that works, you need to identify the wavelengths to know which to boots and which to tame down. Then comes the creation of pigments that filter these wavelengths to get the result you want.

Volt lenses increase by 30% your perception of colours, this is twice as much as the closest competitor. This technology is inspired by the one used to create lenses for the colour blind. If you are looking for a unique visual experience and more safety during your backcountry runs, the Volt lenses are made for you.