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What are the best sandals for walking?

Given the wide range of models available, selecting the ideal pair of walking sandals can seem complex. Whether you're planning a hike on challenging terrains, or a simple summer stroll, prioritising comfort, durability, and support is crucial. Explore our buyer’s guide to choose the right sandals, focusing on essential criteria such as arch support, materials used, and the type of sole. Our goal is to draw your attention to the elements that are essential to fully enjoy your hikes or treks.

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How to Choose Hiking and Trekking Sandals?

Choosing the right pair of walking sandals is crucial for any outdoor enthusiast. It takes more than just style; comfort and support are essential for your feet during your hikes. Here is a simple guide to help you pick the best sandals, focusing on the most important elements.

Arch Support

The foundation of any informed choice in walking sandals is based on the support they provide. Adequate arch support is not just about immediate comfort; it's also a guarantee against long-term pain and injuries. Look for models designed with special attention to arch support, capable of adapting to the natural shape of your foot and evenly distributing weight with each step.

Quality and Durability of Materials

The best walking sandals are those built with high-quality materials, capable of withstanding the demands of the most challenging terrains. Whether it’s across rocky trails or through shallow streams, your sandals must be able to go the distance. Leather, for example, is renowned for its strength and durability, while synthetic materials are lightweight and dry quickly, a significant advantage when crossing a stream.

Outsole: Grip and Protection

A well-designed sole is crucial. It must provide optimal grip to prevent slipping on wet or unstable surfaces, as well as be thick enough to protect your feet from rocks and other trail hazards. Rubber soles with tall lugs are often recommended for their ability to offer good traction on various types of terrain. It is important to remember that these sandals are true hiking shoes.

Breathable and Comfortable

Breathability is another crucial criterion, especially during summer hikes under the blazing sun. Well-ventilated sandals reduce sweating and the risk of blisters, improving comfort on long walks. Models with strategic openings or made from mesh materials can provide effective ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry. Ventilation is a major advantage of sandals over closed hiking shoes.

Adaptability and Custom Fit

The fit is essential to prevent chafing and ensure natural walking. Sandals with adjustable straps or a customisable closure system allow for a perfect fit to the shape of your foot, ensuring secure support without compromising your freedom of movement.

By considering these criteria—arch support, quality of materials, sole design, breathability, and fit—you will be able to choose walking sandals that will comfortably follow you on all your adventures. Remember that the right equipment can make all the difference in enjoying your hikes, turning your walks into moments of fun instead of pain.

Closed Toe or Open Toe Sandals?

Which Sandals are the Most Comfortable?

Closed toe and open toe sandals are two styles that meet different needs and preferences. The choice depends on your personal preferences and requirements. The type of hiking is a determining factor in choosing between an open-toe or closed-toe sandal. The more technical and rocky the trails are, the more you need closed-toe sandals.

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Maximum Ventilation

Open toe hiking sandals are an attractive option for hikers who prioritise comfort and a light weight during the warm period.

One of the main advantages of open toe hiking sandals is their ability to offer maximum ventilation. They allow the feet to breathe freely, which is essential to avoid overheating and excessive sweating during long walks in hot weather. This feature is particularly beneficial during the summer or in damp environments where managing moisture and foot temperature is crucial.

Although open toe sandals do not offer the same protection as closed toe models, they have their place on hiking trails. Their open design reduces the risk of debris accumulation inside the sandal, contributing to increased comfort and a reduction of irritation. Additionally, open toe hiking sandals boast robust, non-slip soles, offering confident grip on various types of terrain.

These sandals are also valued for their ease of use and quick-drying capabilities. They are ideal for stream crossings or walking along beaches, where they can be quickly rinsed and dried. Their lightweight nature makes them an excellent choice for hikers looking to reduce their load without sacrificing comfort.

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Genuine Hiking Shoes for Summer Walking

Closed toe sandals, a true hybrid between traditional hiking shoes and open sandals, stand out as an innovative solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking for versatility and protection for summer walking. These models offer superior protection against the elements while ensuring adequate ventilation to keep feet cool and dry, even during long walks in hot or damp weather.

One of the main advantages of closed toe sandals is their ability to effectively protect the toes and the front of the foot, thereby reducing the risk of injuries when moving on rough terrain. This feature makes them particularly suited for outdoor activities where conditions can change rapidly, like mountain hiking.

However, this enhanced protection does not come at the expense of thermal comfort. Thanks to innovative materials and smart designs, these sandals maintain excellent air circulation around the foot, preventing moisture buildup and overheating on hot days. This is particularly valuable in summer or tropical climates, where managing the temperature of the foot becomes a major comfort issue.

Their versatility also makes them ideal companions for a wide range of activities. Whether crossing shallow streams, walking on dirt trails, or exploring coastal areas, closed toe sandals provide exceptional grip and stability while protecting the feet from the elements.

Hiking and Trekking Sandals for Men and Women

We offer a wide range of hiking sandals to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you are looking for men's sandals or women's sandals, our selection will meet your expectations.

Choosing the right pair of walking sandals is crucial to fully enjoy your outdoor adventures. By considering comfort, support, and the quality of materials, you will easily find the ideal sandals. Don’t let the choice of shoes spoil the fun of discovering new trails. Visit our website to explore models that combine style, functionality, and comfort. We offer many outdoor specialist brands such as Lizard or Keen.

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