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Glisshop & Outdoor

Winter sports are fascinating and full of emotions, sources of discoveries, adrenaline and pride. However, because they can be enjoyed only a few months a year Glisshop broadens its range to 4 seasons outdoor activities. From mountain hiking to wall climbing, those looking to push their limits, to live unforgettable experiences, to quench their thirst for nature, for sport challenges and adventures do not need to wait for the next snow falls anymore. Glisshop is not only a brand, a family, it is an invitation to adventure as well. By broadening the scope of our expertise, you can now enjoy your favourite activities and discover new ones all year round. Being by your side during the effort, helping you experience new sensations, this is what inspires us. Trail running, hiking, climbingmountaineering, mountain biking or snowshoeing are now available to you. We do everything to help you indulge in your hobbies in the best conditions.


Glisshop, the outdoor store

Outdoor activities are at the crossroad of love for nature and pushing one’s limits. They require humility, passion and willingness to create new unforgettable experiences. No matter if you like to be fast as lighting on wheels, pull yourself to the top using only your own power, hiking in the mountains or running in the woods, a suitable equipment means more comfort and safety. Glisshop offers the gear and the knowledge so that you have everything to fulfil your dreams of great outdoors and fresh air.

Trail running

Trail running is particularly ideal for those who enjoy running but get easily bored by the city and its suburbs. However, to wander in the best conditions in wilderness it is required to go out with a good equipment. Contrary to the urban environment you will encounter hills and an uneven surface. You will find at Glisshop, a quality equipment for more comfort, performance and safety during your sessions. Trail running shoes offer dampening, rebound and grip while using a water repellent material. The appropriate clothing guarantees breathability, shielding from the elements and warmth depending on your needs throughout the year. Whether you do short or long trail runs, day or night, you will also find lamps, walking poles, sun glasses or light and compact backpacks. Manufacturers go out of their way to satisfy the needs of runners.

Mountain biking

Enduro, trail, bike park, dirt and downhill are just examples of what the MTB universe encompasses. Eventually, lots of names to refer to a single group of ever marvelling fresh air and thrills enthusiasts, who explore their boundaries and the wild and never miss a chance to renew the experience. The evolved stage of the Pennyfarthing, the mountain bike is an opportunity to leave the road and discover the world through a new lens. Skateboarding is practiced on ramps and in the streets, mountain biking on natural terrain. Nature being within your reach the only thing missing is equipment: clothing, shoes, protectors, bags or glasses are at your disposal so that the experience can be the richest and most enjoyable.

Hiking and mountain equipment, bivouac and camping gear

Hiking is both a sport and a leisure, allowing to discover magnificent landscapes. This activity is accessible to everyone and is the opportunity to focus on what matters, especially on the world we live in. In the heart of nature, following trails and signs, hiking can be done alone or in a group, for a few hours or several days. For a short hike, your legs, a backpack and some good shoes will do the trick. But if you go out for a few days, to hike in the mountains for instance, far away from civilisation, you will need a dedicated equipment to be a self-reliant hiker: larger capacity backpack, food, tent, sleeping bag, clothing and cooking gear. We have selected for you products answering the main criteria for a well-prepared trip: lightness, compactness, usability.

Rock climbing and mountaineering

Climbing and mountaineering are demanding activities that require dedication and allow to immerse yourself in magnificent landscapes otherwise unattainable. Progressing on a rock surface in good safety conditions requires preparation, knowledge, experience, and a good equipment. For rock climbing, shoes guarantee grip to the feet and protection from impacts and abrasion. A helmet constitutes an additional and essential safety feature and the harness allows to be secured in case of a fall. For mountaineering additional equipment makes it appearance: ice axes, crampons for mountaineering boots providing good hold on snow or ice. In both of these activities you will also need a harness, ropes, carabiners and so on.

Locating yourself, the adventurer’s survival equipment

When going about in the wild, be it hiking, mountaineering or trail running, it is important, potentially lifesaving, to be capable of locating oneself geographically and spatially. GPS watches or maps enable you to know your location and keep your goal in sight. Observation binoculars allow good identification and headlamps are essential for bivouacs or nigh time sporting activities. You will also find guides and maps to help you better prepare your expeditions and get more easily back on track in case of a mishap.

Drinking and eating

Trips longer than a day require a certain degree of self-reliance and cluttering your bag for no reason is out of the question. We have at your disposal flasks and water bladders for storage along with numerous water treatment solutions. Freeze dried meals are meant to keep the weight carried to a minimum while retaining a maximum amount of nutrients. You will also find food supplements, energy gels or fruit puree pouches for endurance activities.

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Picture Flask Hampton Bottle H White OverviewPicture Flask Hampton Bottle H White Side
  • £17.83

Featuring a host of logos that act as decoration, the Picture Hampton Bottle White metal water bottle is as useful at the office as it is when hiking

  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle O Black Overview
  • Picture Flask HAMPTON BOTTLE Pk x3 E Fooding Overview
  • Picture Flask HAMPTON BOTTLE Pk x3 F Iceberg Overview
  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle H White Overview
  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle N Metal Mat Overview
  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle L Rustic Brown Overview
  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle M Survival Overview
  • Picture Flask Hampton Bottle P Tea Overview
Petzl Harness OverviewPetzl Harness Side
  • Recommended price



  • Petzl Harness Overview
  • Petzl Harness Overview
  • 1 (65-96)
  • 2 (76-107)
Merrell Hiking shoes OverviewMerrell Hiking shoes Side
  • Recommended price




The Moab 3 Gtx Beluga from Merrell is part of the Moab range, the most popular hiking shoes in the world. 

  • Merrell Hiking shoes Overview
  • Merrell Hiking shoes Overview
  • 44
  • 44.5
  • 45
  • 47
Merrell Hiking shoes OverviewMerrell Hiking shoes Side
  • Recommended price




The Moab 3 Gtx Wmn Sedona Sage is among the most popular women’s hiking shoes from Merrell. 

  • Merrell Hiking shoes Overview
  • Merrell Hiking shoes Overview
  • 38
  • 39
  • 40.5