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TSL 325

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TSL Snowshoes 325 Elevation Paprika OverviewTSL Snowshoes 325 Elevation Paprika Side
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Ideal to discover the joy of hiking in powder, the TSL 325 Elevation Paprika snowshoes will also satisfy people used to hike in the mountains for leisure. 

  • TSL Snowshoes 325 Elevation Paprika Overview


TSL 325 Ride snowshoe

If we were to describe the TSL 325 Ride with a few words, they would be: flexibility, simplicity, and speed. This snowshoe is accessible to everyone with an ultra-easy binding system and a comfortable walking experience. Its hourglass-shaped frame and 3D design provide a natural stride with good grip on traverses. The snowshoe is easy to adjust, and offers optimal support during your mountain walks.

Automatic Easy Ascent System

The TSL 325 Ride even features the Easy Ascent system, which you can engage with your pole to increase efficiency during climbs. A TSL 325 snowshoe built for adventure!

tsl 325 ride

TSL Outdoor 325 Adjust snowshoe

Slightly more technical than the previous model, the TSL 325 Adjust stands out for its versatility and manoeuvrability. It still features an hourglass shape and a 3D design to enhance walking comfort, but a BOA closure system as well, for a quick, personalised fit. Thanks to this adjustment system, you enjoy impeccable and precise support with a better connection between your shoe and the snowshoe. The Easy Ascent climbing mode is also featured to increase efficiency on your alpine hikes. The TSL 325 Adjust certainly lives up to its name!

tsl 325 adjust

Men's or women's TSL 325 Original snowshoes

The TSL 325 Original is simple but tremendously effective! It's adjustable in every aspect, thanks to the BOA system on the front of the shoe as well as the Lateral Adjust setting on the sides. Its ankle strap is comfortable and guarantees a quick and precise fit. As with all TSL 325 models, it features the hourglass shape and a 3D design for a natural stride, as well as the ascent mode, easily to use with your poles. A very comprehensive TSL 325 snowshoe!

tsl 325 original

TSL 325 Step-In Alpine snowshoe

Designed for alpine hiking, the TSL 325 Step-In Alpine promotes an efficient and quick stride even in traverses! It will satisfy the most demanding hikers with its optimal support and lightweight design. Its adjustable heel lift makes walking easier during long ascents by reducing muscle fatigue. Especially since its hourglass shape and 3D design make strides more natural. A TSL 325 model for the most athletic among you!

tsl 325 step-in alpine

TSL 325 Initial snowshoe

The TSL 325 Initial epitomises ultimate comfort on hilly terrain, thanks to its efficient binding, quick fit, and innovative frame that makes walking more effective. You can easily adjust your snowshoe with the quick and precise BOA system in a matter of seconds. A TSL 325 snowshoe that also features a heel lift to facilitate long climbs.

tsl 325 initial

TSL 325 Elevation snowshoe

Simple and quick to put on, the TSL 325 Elevation is perfect for beginners who want to take their first walks in the mountains. Setting the snowshoe to your boot is easy thanks to the system that memorises your shoe size, and the ratchet ankle strap is precise and quick to adjust. With its hourglass-shaped frame and 3D design, the grip on traverses is enhanced, and walking is more comfortable. A TSL 325 model that is enjoyable for discovering the great outdoors.

tsl 325 elevation