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Nordic ski set S/race Eskin Med + Psp + bindings


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Level Race Expert
Category Classic
Reference nr H20SALOSKI044

The S/Race eSkin Med + PSP is the most common version of this classic ski with exceptional skins. The S/Race eSkin Med + PSP corresponds to medium to powerful skiers who are looking for a high performance model for training or long distance races.

What are the characteristics of the Salomon S/Race eSkin Med + PSP cross-country ski?

A real racing ski with skins, it is equipped with a very light Nomex honeycomb structure. This type of construction ensures an excellent ratio between lightness and dynamism that provides exceptional performance in classic style. The eSkin Race 100% mohair skin system ensures satisfactory grip for technical skiers looking for a good glide. A small update on the Salomon side, the appearance of the Prolink Shift Plate mounting plates, this system allows the bindings to be moved forward or backward according to the needs, technical qualities or difficulty of the course. Very easy to handle, it nevertheless requires you to remove your shoes to adjust it, but the operation only takes a few seconds. It is a very good concept that allows to adapt the character of the ski very easily. As far as the grip is concerned, the most important parameter is the adequacy between the weight of the skier and the chosen camber, good news, on this model we had the chance to make a selection directly with the Salomon Nordic race service in order to propose skis perfectly adapted to the indicated weights. It is therefore necessary to consult the size selection help that you will find below. The Medium camber has the advantage of adapting to several types of size and shines on all types of snow, compact or soft. The G5 universal sole equips the brand's World Cup skis, and proves if need be the type of character Salomon wanted to give to its skis. Technically it's a very good job, with the Medium camber that crushes easily and opens the range of use to all snow conditions it's a very good choice for a sporty and frequent use.

Who is the Salomon S/Race eSkin Med + PSP cross-country ski for?

It is an interesting model for regular and sporty skiers who have a good knowledge of classic technique. It is ideal for long-distance races as it does not require restraint waxing and avoids galleys in case of waxing mistakes. It is also a good choice to progress technically with a ski with a behavior close to a ski race waxing that allows to work the supports.

What are the main qualities of the Salomon S/Race eSkin Med + PSP cross-country ski?

PSP system for more versatile behaviour
Help with size selection :

196cm : Announced weight 65KG is suitable for weights between 63 and 67KG
201cm : Announced weight 75KG suitable for weights between 73 and 77KG
206cm : Advertised weight 85KG suitable for weights between 83 and 87KG

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