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Number 1 in customer satisfaction
Our customers ...
97,07%  will recommend Glisshop to a friend.
97,26%  will use Glisshop again.
95,80%  are happy with their order.

Number 1 in customer satisfaction

Our top priority at Glisshop is to make our customers happy. Everything on the website is made and designed to help you choose the best equipment and improve the whole ordering process. Efficiency is key, from first advice to delivery.
To help us improve and be more efficient, we ask our customers to complete a survey about the quality of our service. Our customer service treats each feedback individually. The following table is a summary of them and gives you an idea of the overall satisfaction.

Here are the results :

Review from: CharlesM


Le 12-07-2019

Review from: StephenP

Excellent service

Le 11-07-2019

Review from: MichaelW

recommend glisshop

Le 11-07-2019

Review from: PlamenP


Le 11-07-2019

Review from: MoyaK

Glisshop are now my go to for Ski Equipment, great service, prices, I had a call from them as they prepared my skiis to check all details.. brilliant

Le 06-07-2019

Review from: FionaM

A very easy site to navigate through and very competitive prices too. The customer service was great, both on the telephone and also by email.

Le 04-07-2019

Review from: JasonN

Great choice, service and value for money

Le 03-07-2019

Review from: KarlO

Will definitely buy from you guys again !

Le 02-07-2019

Review from: HristoP

Buy any time without hesitation

Le 01-07-2019

Review from: KateM

Excellent. Website not easy to browse on iPad

Le 01-07-2019

Review from: AiceC


Le 01-07-2019

Review from: DavidH

Highly recommended, deff worth using

Le 30-06-2019

Review from: MarkI

Very quick delivery, excellent prices and superb customer service. I will be using Glisshop again soon

Le 30-06-2019

Review from: CharlotteW

Easy and clear to understand

Le 30-06-2019

Review from: StephenM

Would use again without reservation, excellent service.... Very pleased

Le 28-06-2019

Review from: JaakkoJ

Everything went well. Ordering was easy, delivery fast and the product well packed. I can recommend Glisshop.

Le 28-06-2019

Review from: JaanaH

So nice

Le 27-06-2019

Review from: ChristopherL

Cannot fault the product or company. Brought a pair of Solar, £40, Cat 4 sunglasses for mountaineering, the quality outmatched that of far more expensive brands. Delivery was swift and arrived reasonably well ...

Le 27-06-2019

Review from: AlexS

Great site good customer service

Le 26-06-2019

Review from: ArturJ

We recommend !!!

Le 24-06-2019

Review from: ChrisP

so far so good, just need some snow!

Le 24-06-2019

Review from: HughM

Thoroughly recommend this site.

Le 23-06-2019

Review from: AndrewH

Service was great. The reps were knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction

Le 23-06-2019

Review from: SimonS

The speed of the delivery is excellent and the price,loyalty points and service is hard to beat,I've purchased skis and bindings and poles and all are top products at very good prices

Le 23-06-2019

Review from: AntonS

Very good experience

Le 22-06-2019

Review from: CarolP

Glisshop is a great site, competitive prices, and helpful staff. However, very disappointed that we did not receive loyalty points on our spend of nearly £500. I have contacted them, they say they are updat...

Le 20-06-2019

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Global satisfaction
1 month 3 months
113 customers completed our satisfaction survey between 19/06/2019 and 19/07/2019 546 customers completed our satisfaction survey between 20/04/2019 and 19/07/2019
Recommend Glisshop to a friend 99.12 % 97.07 %
Use Glisshop services again 99.12 % 97.26 %
Satisfied with the purchase 97.35 % 95.80 %
Browsing 99.12 % 98.17 %
Quality of the product pages 97.35 % 97.44 %
Choice helper 97.35 % 96.71 %
Products prices 97.35 % 96.89 %
Delivery costs 92.04 % 89.76 %
Speed of delivery 96.46 % 94.70 %
Quality of the courier 92.92 % 93.42 %
Quality of the packaging 96.46 % 96.53 %
Conformity of the products 97.35 % 97.26 %
Loyalty program 82.30 % 83.18 %
The welcoming (customers having called our hotline) 100.00 % 96.60 %
The advice 100.00 % 93.20 %
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