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Cross country ski gear

Are you searching for cross country ski gear?

Welcome to the Simon Fourcade Nordic ski range by Glisshop. Here you will find all the gear you need to prepare yourself, from the spare basket for your poles to high-performance skis, the Simon Fourcade experts have you covered. Check our selection to find what you need and do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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What gear should I use for cross-country-skiing?

Cross-country skiing is divided in two techniques, classic cross country ski and skating cross country ski, and each one requires some very-specific gear.

What gear should I buy for classic cross-country skiing?

The classic technique is the most traditional way, at first it was used for journeys and hunting and progressively developed to become the most practiced technique in the world. Thanks to its similarities with walking, it’s the guarantee of having nice and easy sessions on the physical and technical levels.

Regardless of your preferences and ambitions, the Simon Fourcade Nørdic experts have selected products suited for all levels and all expectations. The men's classic cross-country ski sets and women's classic cross-country ski sets categories include the skis and their bindings installed by our technicians. They are ready for action as soon as you unpack them.

What gear should I use for skating cross-country skiing?

Skating is the most popular technique in our area. It requires a greater physical effort compared to the classic technique but is faster to learn. The sensation of speed is constant and the gliding phases are very pleasant.

For skating, we have a large choice of men's skating ski sets as well as a whole women's skating ski sets range with ready-to-use gear. The cross country ski sets you will find on Simon Fourcade Nordic are designed to make your choices easier. That's why we have pre-selected the cross country bindings in accordance with our skis.

You will also find on Simon Fourcade Nordic a very large selection of cross-country ski boots as well suited for skating or classic skiing.

What are the current norms for cross-country bindings?

For everything related to cross country binding norms or techniques, you will find our tutorials available in the Tutorial section. Of course, you can also contact us at any time to get some technical advices.