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Nordic Ski Terrasonic Intelligrip


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Madshus 2018

Powerful and accessible, the Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip is at ease on all terrains, it offers everything you need to get into a sporty classic use with peace of mind.

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Nordic Ski Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip

Ski sold without binding.

Accessible and lively, the Terrasonic Intelligrip made in Madshus is mid way between the cruise and sport ski, quite docile to forgive the hazardous supports and snappy enough for a sporty use. 

What are the main specifications of the Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip cross-country ski? 

Smooth and consistent on a camber level, it offers the ideal characteristics of a classic ski according to the norwegians. The universal camber allows to easily find your support, the P 190 Nano high-end finish of the base delivers the same glide as the upper models. The difference is on the materials used for the core with a lack of carbon fiber. The Intelligrip skins provide a powerful support. 

Who is the Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip cross-country ski designed for? 

Casual and regular skiers looking for a forgiving ski, the Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip cross-country ski will offer you tons of fun on the slopes. The general conduct of the skis is perfect for long cruises at low speed and for short and intense sessions. Not as good as the Nanosonic Intelligrip on packed snow in the downhill sections, it still stays a safe choice thanks to its astounding comfort. This Terrasonic Intelligrip has all the arguments to face the competition with a ski/snow contact only the norwegians master. 

What are the main assets of the Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip cross-country ski? 

- Grip 

- Accessibility 

- Glide 

Product Name
Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip
Product price
£196.50  instead of  £280.72
Specs Nordic Ski Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip
Year 2018
Sizes 185 - 190 - 195 - 205




• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Classic
Structure - Construction
• P190 Nano base

• Universal classic camber

• Madshus Speed Tip

• Intelligrip

• Polycell core
Weight of the pair in grams
1100g en taille 190

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Classic

Structure - Construction

  • P190 Nano base  :

    Developed with performance in mind. It is a versatile base that delivers a good glide regardless of the conditions. 

  • Madshus Speed Tip  :

    A component of the ski’s overall profile, Madshus Speed Tip offers the perfect splay needed to elongate the ski’s pressure zone, ideal for colder snow conditions.

  • Polycell core  :

    3D-shaped to maximize the feel of the ski, the PU-based foam core utilizes specific carbon and fiberglass reinforcements to guarantee flex consistency with excellent dampening properties.

  • Universal classic camber
  • Intelligrip  :

    Skin system offering a great glide to grip ratio.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1100g en taille 190


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
40 - 47187
47 - 57192 - 197
57 - 65197 - 202
65 - 75202
75 +205 - 208
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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