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Nordic Ski Madshus Terrasonic Skate

The skating ski Madshus Terrasonic Skate delivers a rock-solid stability. Suited for progressive skiers, it’s a good option for honing your technique and get efficient at skating.

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Level Sporty
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
3D Construction
P190 Nano base
Madshus Speed Tip
Polycell core
Weight of the pair in grams


The Terrasonic is one of the most iconic skis in the norwegian brand’s lineup. Designed for progression-focussed skiers, the ski offers comfort and response to help you improve. Just under the Hypersonic in the range, the Terrasonic is a solid alternative for progressing step by step and get confident at skating. 

What can the Madshus Terrasonic Skate ski do?

In terms of construction, the Terrasonic looks very similar to its bigger brother the Hypersonic. If it comes with a slightly softer core and a lower camber making it more manageable for less experienced skiers, the ski remains very lively when it needs to be thanks to the fibreglass-reinforced polycell core. The Medium camber and flat Speed Tips making the contact surface bigger make the ski very stable on the snow. The P190 Nano base is very versatile and adapts to most conditions, delivering a smooth and comfortable glide. The Terrasonic is really a good partner for every skier looking for quick and comfortable progression. 

Who is the Madshus Terrasonic Skate ski designed for?

Capable of satisfying beginners just like more regular recreational skiers, the Terrasonic offers progression and comfort at a great value. We recommend it as a first buy, it’s a ski that’s going to last. 

What are the best assets of the Madshus Terrasonic Skate ski?

Made in Norway, in Biri factory, near Lillehammer.

Size guide: 

175cm 40 to 55Kg
180cm 50 to 65Kg
185cm 55 to 70Kg
190cm 75 to 90Kg
195cm 95 to 110Kg

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