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Nordic Ski Boot Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate

The cross-country ski boot Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate is famous for its stability, precision and comfort. One of the best compromises for making progress!

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Gender Mixed
Year 2020
Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Standard Turnamic
Carbon chassis
Turnamic Expert Skate
Axis Protector
Mid Sole
Thermo Adjustable Fit
Sensor 3 Positions
Carbon cuff
Low Profile
Adjustable strap
Grip Tech
Speedlace lock

Coming with a refreshing new look and the same technical features that have made it successful in recent seasons, the X-IUM WC Skate remains one of the most popular skating shoes. It brilliantly combines forgiveness and precision for the athletic and regular skiers looking for a good compromise between price and performance.

What are the features of the Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate cross-country ski boot?

This season's main technical difference is the softer and more comfortable outer shell, apart from that, the X-IUM WC Skate cross-country ski boot incorporates all the technologies of the previous year. We can only praise this decision as it would be a shame to change a concept that works so well. In terms of support, you’ll find the carbon lateral reinforcements that stabilize the heel to which the asymmetrical carbon cuff is riveted. The purpose of this cuff is to offer maximum lateral stability to the skater, while giving him some freedom of movement. Flexible at the front, it allows optimal ankle flexion so that the skier can position himself as best as possible above his ski. The boot features a skate-specific Turnamic sole which ensures greater performance in thrust phases thanks to the rigid inserts and quick lacing system. This fast and easy Speedlace Lock lacing system delivers consistent foot hold and greater precision. Lastly, the liner offers comfort as well as precision thanks to a voluminous toe box and a narrow heel counter. Over the past few seasons, the X-IUM WC Skate has established itself as the best value for money on the market of skate skiing. Stable and progressive, it helps skiers to make technical progress as it provides them with outstanding support.

Who is the Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate cross-country ski boot aimed at?

The Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate is intended for a variety of skiers, whether they are long-distance competitors or regular athletes. This boot is a very interesting compromise because it offers the qualities that are close to a 100% carbon model, but with more forgiveness and a reduced price. Many people were tempted last season by this model which is for us perfectly balanced between comfort and precision.

What are the main qualities of the Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate cross-country ski boot?

- Lateral stability
- Comfort
- Forgiveness
- Quality/price ratio

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