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The best sunglasses of the season

Whether they are a fashion or sport accessory, sunglasses are an essential item for all your outdoor outings. No matter if you combine them to a pair of shorts, a simple t-shirt or a cycling kit, they are the key to finish your outfit and protect you from UV light. Let's be honest, the most important thing about sunglasses, is style. They are the final touch to your summer outfit and an easy way to stand out. Even an athlete looking for a performance model for outdoor activities will carefully choose a pair of sunglasses that matches his or her clothes and face.

The second most important aspect to consider is the lens category. Rated from 0 to 4, it defines the amount of light transmission. 0 is a completely clear lens, which lets lots of light through, perfect inside or in very low light conditions such as dawn or dusk. On the other hand, a category 4 lens is very dark and lets very little light through for maximum protection. Ideal for high-altitude expeditions, in very bright conditions. For everyday use, category 3 is the right option in most cases. Keep in mind that the lens category has no influence on UV light protection! All our sunglasses are UV400 certified and offer total UV light protection, no matter the lens category.

To help you choose, we’ve selected the best sunglasses for the upcoming season with models for every budget. Get ready for the beach or the mountains!  
best Sunglasses

Maui Jim Hookipa

Let’s start with a sporty model from Hawaiian brand Maui Jim. The Hookipa model bears the name of a famous surf and kite surf spot in Hawaii. These elegant and robust sunglasses are made of Grilamid, a flexible and strong plastic polymer. With rubber temple tips for stability, they are perfect for various activities, from golfing to yachting. Their main asset remains their high-quality Maui Jim Polarized2Plus polarised lenses, recognised for their optimal sun, wind and sea spray protection.


  • Polarised lenses

  • Rimless frame

  • Enveloping shape

  • Maximum stability

Key technologies:
maui jim anti reflective
Anti-reflective technology 

Blocks glare to reduce eye fatigue and improve clarity.
maui jim mauigradient

More efficient than standard double-gradient lenses, MauiGradient benefits from a darker gradient at the top for better visual acuity.
maui jim hyper precise polarization

This technology offers high efficiency to block up to 99.9% glare, probably the best polarized lenses available.
best maui jim glasses
top sunglasses maui jim
maui jim sunglasses

Julbo Edge

We also offer the Edge from Julbo. These are uncompromising glasses, specially designed for road cycling and mountain biking (MTB). They feature premium functionalities like 3D Fit Nose for a perfect fit on any face and Grip Tech temples for unshakeable stability. The lightweight and aerodynamic frame offers an extended field of view and exceptional clarity thanks to the extra-large panoramic lens. With MagneFix technology, lens changing becomes easy and quick, allowing adaptability to all light conditions. The Full Venting design provides complete ventilation, eliminating any fog formation and guaranteeing perfect visibility at all times. The slim and flexible temples adjust comfortably, even under a helmet, making the Edge a great option for cyclists seeking performance and comfort.


  • Available with photochromic lenses

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Panoramic lens

  • Maximum stability

Key technologies:
julbo light amplifier
Available with Reactiv 1-3 Light Amplifier

Category 1 to 3 photochromic lens, it guarantees excellent vision in every situation by offering maximum protection and boosting contrasts and colours. With its yellow base tint, it’s ideal for mountain biking or trail running.
julbo reactiv photochromic
Available with Reactiv 0-3

Category 0 to 3 photochromic lens, it guarantees excellent vision in every situation by offering maximum protection. With its grey base tint, it’s ideal for endurance sports.
julbo spectron 3
Available with Spectron 3CF

Category 3 polycarbonate lens, very versatile, everyday visual comfort.
top sunglasses julbo
best sunglasses julbo
best brand sunglasses julbo

Moken Vision Hawkins

The Moken Vision Hawkins are glacier sunglasses designed in collaboration with alpinist Hélias Millerioux (Piolet d’Or 2018). Merging urban aesthetics with mountain-ready technical specifications, they stand out with their frames made from castor oil-based plastic and their interchangeable clips. Fitted with category 4 lenses, they offer unmatched protection against UV rays and the extreme brightness of high altitudes. Their elegant and timeless design makes them ideal for any adventure, whether in the city or on peaks.

Technical specifications

  • Side shields

  • Category 4 lenses

  • Vintage vibe

  • Ideal for high-altitude environments

best moken vision sunglasses
top sunglasses moken vision

Pit Viper The Originals

The Pit Viper Originals Polarized sunglasses have vibrant and daring colours, inspired by the 80s and 90s. With their retro-inspired design, these polycarbonate polarised single-lens shades offer optimal protection, reduce glare and resist impacts, making them ideal for outdoor activities. A perfect blend of vintage looks and technical performance for those looking to combine style and function.

Technical specifications

  • Curved temples

  • Panoramic lens

  • Polarised to reduce glare

  • Colourful retro-inspired design

best pit viper goggles
top pit viper sunglasses
trendy pit viper sunglasses

Oakley HSTN

The Oakley HSTN sunglasses epitomise the brand’s commitment to innovation and technology. Featuring Prizm lenses, a revolutionary lens technology that significantly improves the perception of details to enhance your performance, these sunglasses offer a precise vision suitable to specific environments. The frame is made of O-Matter for superior durability and comfort throughout the day. The 3-point adjustment keeps the lenses precisely aligned, while eliminating pressure spots. The daring design of these sunglasses perfectly adapts to a wide range of faces, offering a distinctive look for any occasion.

Technical features

  • Optimal stability

  • Unique design

  • O-Matter frame

  • Prizm technology

best oakley sunglasses
top oakley sunglasses
oakley sunglasses

Bollé C-Icarus

When performance meets elegance, the C-Icarus sunglasses from Bollé stand out as the ideal choice for cycling, mountain biking (MTB), and trail running enthusiasts. Designed to meet the demands of these disciplines, they feature a wrapping frame that ensures perfect stability as well as optimal protection. Comfort is also a priority, with adjustable nose pads allowing for a custom fit. The frame, an innovative blend of injected plastic and plant-based plastic, reflects Bollé's commitment to sustainability. The coatings applied to the polycarbonate lenses (anti-scratch, anti-fog, oleophobic, and hydrophobic) ensure clear and distortion-free vision, no matter the conditions.

Technical specifications

  • Panoramic single lens 

  • Available with photochromic lenses

  • Good coverage 

  • Maximum stability 

top sunglasses Bollé
best Bollé sunglasses

Serengeti Lupton S

The Serengeti Lupton S, made with special attention to the environment through their eco-nylon frame derived from castor beans, provide exceptional comfort and lightness. Their trivex lenses are not only thin and lightweight but also feature a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to repel water and oil, guaranteeing clear vision in various conditions. In addition, these glasses are fitted with polarised lenses, a major asset to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water or roads, significantly improving visual comfort and safety. Ideal in all weather conditions, the photochromic lenses of the Serengeti Lupton S adapt to ambient light levels, offering unmatched protection and visual clarity, making them a preferred choice for an optimal visual experience in all situations.

Technical specifications

  • Eco-nylon frame

  • Polarised lenses

  • Photochromic lenses

  • For small faces

Key technologies:
Serengeti Spectralcontrol
Spectra Control Technology

Filters up to 95% of blue light, significantly enhancing colours and contrasts while protecting the eyes from UV light, for the ultimate High Definition vision without eye fatigue.
Serengeti Polarization
Polarising Technology

Eliminates 99.9% of reflections from all forms of glare and reduces eye fatigue for unparalleled vision clarity.
Serengeti Photochromic
Photochromic Technology

Automatically adjusts to changes in light conditions by darkening or lightening depending on the intensity of UV rays, ensuring constant protection and optimal vision under all conditions.
best Serengeti sunglasses
Serengeti sunglasses trend
top Serengeti sunglasses

Vuarnet Edge Large

The Vuarnet Edge Large reinvents itself by combining a vintage aesthetic with cutting-edge technology. The frame, a blend of steel and acetate, holds high-quality mineral lenses. The advantage of mineral over an organic material like polycarbonate? It is more scratch-resistant and offers exceptional clarity without optical distortion. These are glasses that one can easily keep for years in excellent condition. Their pilot style iconic look provides a strong presence while effectively protecting against the sun's rays. These sunglasses are the perfect balance between a retro look and modern design.

Technical specifications

  • Vintage vibe

  • Mineral lenses

  • Metal frame

  • Double nose bridge

Key technologies:
vuarnet high protection anchor

Vuarnet lenses filter 100% UV light and up to 99% blue light, with a dual-gradient treatment to reduce reflection.
vuarnet mineral precision anchor

Clear, sharp, precise and distortion-free vision thanks to the natural purity of mineral.
vuarnet mineral resistance anchor

Vuarnet lenses are highly scratch resistant, for glasses that last years.
top sunglasses vuarnet
best sunglasses vuarnet
best brand sunglasses vuarnet

Bliz Matrix

The Bliz Matrix sunglasses stand out with their unique design and performance for various activities. Their single wrap-around lens, both wide and unbreakable, provides exceptional protection against wind and UV rays, while offering unparalleled panoramic vision. Designed for endurance sports, notably Nordic skiing, trail running, or cycling, they feature strategically placed ventilation to prevent any moisture buildup. The frame, surprisingly lightweight, is equipped with adjustable silicone temples for a customised fit and lasting comfort. Bliz, a renowned Swedish brand in Nordic sports, offers here a model with a great value for money, becoming a preferred choice for athletes seeking innovation and performance.

Technical specifications

  • Versatile

  • Lightweight

  • Single wrapping lens

  • Maximum stability

Bliz Adjustable Nosepad
Adjustable Nose Pads

The nose pads allow for a comfortable and optimal fit around your nose.

Bliz Rubber Wire Core
Rubber Temples

The rubber on the temples guaranteed maximum stability of the glasses during any activity.

Bliz Hydro Lens
Hydro Lens Technology

It provides perfect curvature, maximum UV protection, X-PC shock resistance, hydrophobic properties, and scratch resistance.

Bliz 100 Uv
100% UV Protection

Provides 100% effective protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays for your eyes.

Bliz G TR90
Grilamid TR90 Frame

This ultra-light material offers excellent performance in all conditions.

Bliz Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Lens

A polycarbonate lens is 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses, providing the highest level of protection.

Tripoint Treriksröset

Finally, the Tripoint Treriksröset sunglasses are designed for a variety of activities, thanks to their enveloping frame that provides excellent stability. They effectively protect against wind, dust, and branches, making them ideal for mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, and skiing. The frame, lightweight and durable, is made from organic polyamide derived from castor oil, highlighting the brand's commitment to more sustainable practices.

Technical specifications

  • Polycarbonate lens

  • Single XXL lens

  • Maximum stability

  • Enveloping frame

best Tripoint sunglasses
top sunglasses Tripoint