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Helmet Pride Matt White Black


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Helmet Cebe Pride Matt White Black

The PRIDE is a totally new multi-activitiy helmet, for Bike and Ski. With an urban / freeride design and the new Cébé Lock Hole System.  


  • 525G
  • Fine tuning fit system
  • Active venting system
  • Removable ear pads
  • Construction ABS
  • Anti-theft
Product Name
Cebe Pride Matt White Black
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£42.50  instead of  £60.80
Specs Helmet Cebe Pride Matt White Black
Year 2019

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• Removable earpads

• Adjustment reel

• F.T.F : Fine Tuning Fit

• ABS Construction

• Venting system

• Anti-theft
Weight (g)
• Permanent Venting

• Size adjustment

• Bike Skateboard Rollerblade standard

Manufacturer info :


  • ABS Construction  :

    Classic construction delivering a high level of impact protection and perforation resistance.

    - Ultra strong hard plastic shell (ABS)

    - EPS internal shell that manages, absorbs and diffuses impacts as with an in-mold helmet

    - Inner lining is thermoregulated, breathable and made of a durable fabric for maximum comfort 

  • F.T.F : Fine Tuning Fit  :

    The F.T.F. (Fine Tuning Fit) provides added versatility to the helmet. The fine adjustment allows a tighter fit for perfect stability during even the most extreme activities. When not skiing, a simple readjustment will release the system for a more relaxing fit.

  • Removable earpads  :

    Removable and washable earpads.

  • Venting system  :

    Cébé helmets are all equipped with an integral ventilation system incorporating wide vents which allow fresh air to enter through the top of the helmet. The airflow is then efficiently directed around the head via various channels in the EPS shell. With adjustable systems, the vents also have manual controls for precise regulation of the airflow.

  • Adjustment reel
  • Anti-theft  :

    The Cébé LOCK HOLE SYSTEM is a SMART ventilation system placed at the bottom of the helmet. It allows you to attach the anti-theft locking system to your helmet when you are on the go or during your breaks on the slopes.


  • Size adjustment
  • Permanent Venting
  • Bike Skateboard Rollerblade standard

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)