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Helmet w/ visor Diezz Glide Activ White Activilux Mirror Gold

Comfort and lightness, the Glide Activ White Activilux Mirror Gold from Diezz is a sturdy integrated ski visor helmet that offers great protection.

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Year 2019
Gender Mixed
Photochromic visor 1 to 3
In-Mold Construction
Adjustment reel
Integrated lens
Permanent Venting
Size adjustment
Visors | Technologies
Photochromic 1-3

The Glide Activ Black Activilux Mirror Gold ski helmet with integrated visor from Diezz benefits from a solid, high-performance In Mold construction. The Activilux Mirror Gold Photochromic visor of cat. 1 to 3 offers a very appreciable vision comfort, an undeniable advantage for eyeglass wearers. The passive ventilation system provides good ventilation inside the visor, ensuring that you are kept cool during the effort, when engaged in descents.

The soft earpads are just as comfortable and cosy as the entire Coolmax inner lining. To ensure the best possible fit, the Glide Activ is fitted with the Fit Adjustment System. This ski helmet with visor is compatible with most goggles. The curved Diezz screen allows the goggles to fit under the visor. Of course, it is possible that very wide glasses may not fit through.

The Activilux Mirror Gold visor is the new photochromic screen from Diezz. Covering categories 1 to 3, this lens allows you to move around on the slopes with maximum style and comfort. The brand offers a photochromic lens that is aesthetically well-finished and technically high-performance for greater versatility and a wider range of uses!

The Diezz Activilux lens therefore features photochromic technology: photochromic glass has the property of tinting itself according to the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays it is subjected to. This technology naturally protects your eyes 100% from UV rays and it is therefore not necessary to change the visor according to the weather conditions for greater comfort and simplicity.

The Activilux Gold Mirror Visor receives a gold reflective coating for added protection against glare and adds a modern, contemporary look that can match your latest outfit for example. Finally, its anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment lets you make the most of your day without the slightest worry!

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