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Nordic Ski Rossignol X-IUM Skating Premium S3 IFP

The cross-country skating ski Rossignol X-IUM Skating Premium S3 is one of the best skis on the market for warm, wet and dirty conditions.

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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
Skating double guide groove
Rossignol carbon plate
K 9001 Wet 2.0 base
Honey Comb
Low Tip
3D Carbon Profil
3D Tip
IFP - Integrated Fixation Plate
Nomex core
Weight of the pair in grams

1080 grammes en taille 187

Reference nr H19ROSSSKI135

Adapted to hot or dirty snow, this Premium S3 is a ski that is hard to do without at the end of the season. For some time now, Rossignol's white-soles skis have been doing great in these conditions, and even if they are a little more specific, many skiers now know that it is always useful to have such a pair of skis in their case.

What are the characteristics of the Rossignol X-IUM Skating Premium S3 IFP cross-country ski?

Apart from its new and very successful silkscreen printing, the S3 has also been slightly redesigned, as has the entire Premium range, which now has a new carbon plate on the top of the structure. With the appearance of the IFP plates and the differential camber sensations provided by this new two-part interface, Rossignol wanted to add, in addition to a more homogeneous camber deformation, a more efficient structure in terms of efficiency at the end of thrust. This new plate in no way makes the ski more difficult, but gives it an omnipresent dynamism so that the skier's work is as profitable as possible. Underfoot you feel a more pronounced acceleration on the thrust and every movement becomes more efficient. The basic structure remains the same with a Nomex honeycomb core coated with fiberglass now enclosed by a carbon plate. The assembly of the ski is rigorously the same, with high ABS edges that stiffen the structure and make the ski more efficient on compact snow, limiting lateral deformation without acting on the camber. Since we are talking about the camber, this one, as on all S3 versions, is worked to keep maximum efficiency on soft and worked snow. Shorter and with softer ends, it allows the ski to stay on the surface on coarse-grained snow at the end of the season that is not easy to ski. The white K9001 Wet 2.0 sole is suitable for warm and/or dirty snow. Denser than a black sole, it limits the fouling of the soles and helps preserve the gliding qualities of the wax and the structure. The general behavior of the ski is very healthy, whether the snow is compact or worked. If the ski is adapted to rather warm temperatures, it should not be forgotten that snow can be compact and dirty, and in these conditions the S3 is also very efficient. The IFP mounting plate is intended for mounting Turnamic bindings, this system released in 2017 is compatible with Turnamic, NNN and Prolink boot standards.

Who is the Rossignol X-IUM Skating Premium S3 cross-country ski intended for?

With somewhat specific characteristics, it can be approached in two ways, either as a complementary pair for a regular and sporty skier who wants a pair for warm and/or dirty snow. Either for skiers who are on low altitude massifs and for whom the conditions are very changeable. Whichever it is, it is one of the most efficient models on the market for warm and transformed snow.

What are the main qualities of the Rossignol X-IUM Skating Premium S3 cross-country ski?

- Glides on coarse-grained processed snow.

- Versatility on compact snow.

- Skating quality on all types of snow.

- Stability.

Choice of size : 

- 187 cm : 65 to 75 Kg

- 193 cm : 75 to 95Kg

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