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Optimus Stove Crux OverviewOptimus Stove Crux Side
  • Recommended price




The Optimus Crux stove is ideal to save a maximum amount of space in your backpack thanks to its foldable head and small size.

Optimus Stove Crux Lite OverviewOptimus Stove Crux Lite
  • Recommended price




Ideal for minimalist camps, the Crux Lite stove from Optimus is ultra-lightweight at only 72 g.

Optimus Stove Crux Lite Piezo OverviewOptimus Stove Crux Lite Piezo Side
  • Recommended price




The Crux Lite Piezo pack from Optimus contains an ultra-lightweight Crux Lite stove and a piezo ignitor, to camp easily.

Optimus Stove Polaris Optifuel OverviewOptimus Stove Polaris Optifuel Side
  • Recommended price




The Polaris Optifuel from Optimus is a stove for extreme conditions: it works with any type of fuel, in any conditions, for all kinds of cooking.

Optimus Saucepan Terra Solo OverviewOptimus Saucepan Terra Solo Side
  • Recommended price



  • Optimus Saucepan Terra Solo Overview
Optimus Stove Vega OverviewOptimus Stove Vega Side
  • Recommended price




The Optimus Vega stove is designed for camping in extreme conditions: it can heat your mess kit even when it is -20° C and windy!