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PAG Balaclava Hooded Beige Deperlant OverviewPAG Balaclava Hooded Beige Deperlant Side 15% Off
Recommended price £46.50

The Hooded Beige model is a cool and comfortable PAG women's hood that protects you from snow, wind and UV rays while offering excellent thermoregulation.

PAG Balaclava Cagoule Noir OverviewPAG Balaclava Cagoule Noir Side 2022 Winter 15% Off

With its adjustment and tightening system, the Pag Cagoule Noir model leaves no opening for the cold, offers good heat retention, and guarantees a windproof effect most practical during your sessions in the mountains.

PAG Neck warmer Neckwear Exotic Overview

Conforming to Covid filtration standards, the PAG Neckwear Origins Exotic neckwear neck cover provides excellent protection against the elements, effectively maintaining warmth and being windproof

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  • PAG Neck warmer Neckwear Exotic Overview
PAG Neck warmer Neckwear Inverted OverviewPAG Neck warmer Neckwear Inverted Side

Made in France, the special Covid PAG Neckwear Origins Inverted neckwear protects you from the cold, wind and snow with great efficiency, all day long, on or off the slopes

PAG Neck warmer Neckwear Spine OverviewPAG Neck warmer Neckwear Spine Side

Very pleasant to wear, even for hours and when the weather conditions do not leave you any respite, the Covid PAG Neckwear Origins Spine filter neckwear protects you from the elements