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Women's bindings

Looking for a women-specific snowboard binding? We have what you need.

If you want to progress your snowboard game, having a good pair of bindings will certainly help you. It will help you feel better on your board and will help you control it better. But you need to pick a binding that is adapted to your style and needs. Stiff or flexible? Suited for speed or for landing tricks in the park? Powder friendly or specific to piste? We have a large selection of bindings available for you and suited for everyone. Make your pick or read our buyer's guide if you don't know where to start.

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Buyer’s guide for women snowboard bindings

Through the hundred bindings available in store, there has to be one for you. Manufacturers are extremely creative and innovative. They keep building new bindings, functional and comfortable, with tons of colours available. From pink to ice blue through flashy purple or sober black and white, you can easily match your jacket and crank up your style!

Which snowboard binding for beginners?

Alright, so you know which is your front foot meaning you know if you are goofy or regular. You have chosen your board and now you need to pick your bindings before you can hit the slopes. To make sure you enjoy snowboarding straight away, we recommend a flexible binding with a forgiving construction, preferrably padded for enhanced comfort. Regarding the settings, a 15° angle for the front binding and a 0° angle for the rear foot seem like a good start. See how feel and adjust little by little.

You’re looking for a freestyle binding for performing through the park.

Again, for a freestyle use, we recommend women bindings that are flexy and light. They will provide optimal mobility which is what you want when grabbing your board in the air or when pressing a rail. In terms of settings, you may want to set your bindings in ‘duckstance’, each foot pointing towards the closest tip. This stance offers optimal balance and makes switch riding easier since your feet are symmetrical.

You are into freeride and you wonder what binding you need?

On powder, things are different. The binding needs to be stiffer to provide a stronger support and more reactivity. With a stiff women binding, you get a little less comfort but performance is increased. You can charge harder on steeper slopes, the binding feels more precise and more responsive, it handles speed better. When you set up your bindings on your board, you can use a setback adjustment (bindings mounted 1 to 4cm closer to the tail, not centered) to enhance floatation and manoeuverability on powder.

And for carving on groomers, what binding do you need?

If your favorite playground is the piste and you like carving more than anything else, then you need a high-end binding, super stiff for optimal precision and high-speed energy transmissions. You need to be able to jump from an edge to the other as fast as you can.

Have a look at the many snowboard women bindings available in store!