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COVID-19 specific FAQ

Last update on 03/11/2020

1. Click'n collect service

How do I use the click'n collect service?

1) Place an order on our website by choosing " Collect from Store" when choosing the delivery method. Your order will then be available within 2 hours (your payment must be validated).

click'n collect hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

2) Simply proceed to the Glisshop store (67 rue des Varennes 63170 Aubière) and park in the dedicated click'n collect space that will be allocated to you.

3) Indicate your presence, your name, the number of your parking space within our car park and your order number by dialling the following telephone number: 06 25 99 38 28.

4) Open your car boot and leave your identity document and (if possible) your order form, an employee will deposit your order in it.    

2. Resumption of our activity and staff safety

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our workforce and our partners, which is why a small team is currently being set up within the company. The rest of our employees are currently telecommuting in order to guarantee our customers a quality service. 

2.1 Staff equipment

We have taken every necessary measure to protect our staff and will keep on improving them. As of now, this is what has taken place in our buildings. 

  •  Disposable gloves are provided to employees 
  • Handling gloves were also provided to those who needed them 
  • Protection masks are available for everyone 
  • Hydroalcoholic gel for hand sanitizing is also provided 
  • Disinfectant is provided to clean workstations and tools. This task is done on a regular basis and at the end of every day.  

2.2 Work area arrangement 

We have adapted our premises to ensure the safety of our employees: they are laid out in several zones. Each employee is assigned to a single zone. This ensures a healthy environment and limits the flow of people. 

  • Two meters between each work station 
  • Contact by email or phone promoted 
  • Every forklift or handling machine is handled by one person only 
  • Every phone, computer or any item used are used by one person only.  

2.3 Access and security

Finally, we reinforced safety, security and access conditions to our buildings:

  • Every people external to the company must notify our team before getting access to the building.
  • Inside the building, everyone must use the hydroalcoholic gel provided
  • Glisshop partners must wait for the instructions from our platform manager before handing or collecting parcels. 
All of these measures were set up to protect our staff but also to prepare the return of the full team which will take place on the 11th of May, we hope.

Our plan of activity resumption is optimised daily according to our staff feedback.

We will not hesitate to reinforce those measures if we think it is necessary to ensure ouf staff safety.

We want to thank Mégane, our HR, and her assistant Noéline as well as her mom Carole. All three have manufactured fabric masks available for our staff.  

3. Shipping

3.1 What's up with the delivery of my order?

Any order will be processed within 24h as usual. You will then receive an email to confirm the shipping when your order will be in the courier’s hands.   

3.2 Will the delivery be on time?

We currently have not received any feedback from the transporters with whom we collaborate. As of today, the declared delivery deadlines will be respected. 

3.3 My product was delivered in a collection point before the governement's actions but I didn't pick it up. The collection point is now closed, what do I do to retrieve my order? 

The collection point is keeping your parcel. You will retrieve it as soon as it opens again.  

4. Orders

4.1 Can I order from the website despite the confinement?

Yes you can order from our website anytime you want. We have started shipping again since the 15/04/2020 with a team of volunteers.

Any order will be processed within 24h as usual. You will then receive an email to confirm the shipping when your order will be in the courier’s hands.   

4.2 Can I cancel or amend my order?

You cannot amend your order.

But you can cancel it. Get in touch with us through our contact form.

5. Returns / Refunds / Guarantee

5.1 I asked for a return but I didn't get any reply

Due to the confinement, our return service was closed since the 16/03/2020. It has reopened on the 15/04/2020.

Requests are prioritized. You will receive a reply very soon.  

5.2 Can I ask for a return despite the confinement?

Yes you can make a request now. You will get a reply rapidly. 

5.3 My return request was granted but I couldn't ship it already. Am I going to be in trouble if I don't return it within the two weeks allowed?

No you won't. The time for returning products will be exceptionally extended.

6. Other queries

6.1 You still have questions?

Please go to our contact form and ask. We will answer shortly.

Thank you for your patience

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

NB: Information displayed on this page are updated regularly in order to keep you informed.