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Bataleon snowboard sets

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+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Evil Twin Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £626.96
  • From From £490.63

The Evil Twin is a performing versatile freestyle snowboard developed by Bataleon. Perfect to wreak havoc in the snowpark and venture on the piste sides!

Sizes available
  • 156W
  • 157
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Blow Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £463.35
  • From From £360.29

The Blow is a playful Bataleon freestyle snowboard that loves jib and the park but also handles very well on piste to allow beginners to progress.

Sizes available
  • 155
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Fun.kink Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £517.88
  • From From £420.74

The Fun Kink Bataleon Snowboard is a tonic and versatile freestyle-oriented board that’s as good to ride in the park that in the rest of the resort.

Sizes available
  • 154
  • 157
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Goliath Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £636.05
  • From From £481.53

The Goliath from Bataleon is a un versatile snowboard that’s ideal to pull tricks all over the resort with its great balance between power and riding comfort.

Sizes available
  • 156
  • 161W
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Minishred Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £290.67
  • From From £214.40

The Minishred is a kids snowboard from Bataleon. Accessible and forgiving, it is perfect for beginners, a special attention was given to the topsheet artwork and build quality.

Sizes available
  • 100
  • 110
  • 120
  • 130
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Push Up Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £563.34
  • From From £380.64


Sizes available
  • 149
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Spirit Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £499.71
  • From From £366.56

The Spirit is a versatile and very-accessible Bataleon women board that will help you start your practice and keep on progressing in freestyle.

Sizes available
  • 140
20% OFF
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+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard The Jam Top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £726.95
  • From From £549.79

The Jam Bataleon Snowboard is a performant and versatile model with awesome freestyle skills that lets you ride fast and hard everywhere in the resort!

Sizes available
  • 156
+ bindings Bataleon Snowboard Whatever 151-top SALES 20% OFF
Recommended price £545.16
  • From From £442.54

The Whatever is a versatile Bataleon snowboard Bataleon with nice performances on all terrains and a natural talent for freestyle. All of that while being pretty easy to ride!

Sizes available
  • 157


What are the main shaping technologies at Bataleon Snowboards?

If you buy a Bataleon snowboard pack, you will clearly not have a lambda board. At the forefront of innovation in snowboard design, the brand offers 3-dimensional shapes for maximum performance, with Triple Base Technology as the flagship technology.

Triple Base Technology

Triple Base Technology - 3BT for friends - is a kind of modeling of the natural movement of the board. The movements made by the board are anticipated directly on the shape, to make the board even more reactive and adapted to the terrain. The 3BT is adapted to the board's program, so there is a 3BT Pow, a 3BT freeride, a 3BT freestyle, a 3BT twin and a 3BT jib. Each time, it is a question of raising the edges of the board at the nose and tail, while keeping a flat center of the board.


The Sidekick is a direct extension of Triple Base Technology. It is an exaggeration of the edging at the widest points of the nose and tail. The Sidekick boosts the effects of the 3BT. The board turns even better, floats even better and is even more controllable in difficult terrain.

snowboard bataleon with bindings

Super Tubes

Less revolutionary than the 3D spatulas, the Super Tubes are nonetheless one of the key factors in the performance of Bataleon snowboards. These carbon spars, placed alone or in pairs, increase performance by making the boards more responsive and more stable! It's also an extra boost when popping a big ollie!

Directionnal, Twin, 99 % Twin

It's not really about shaping technologies, but Bataleon divides its boards into 3 categories: directional, twin and 99% twin. Directional and twin, we know; the surprise is more in the 99% twin. These are symmetrical boards to which a centimeter of length has been added to the nose for better performance in fresh snow. It's up to you to see which type of board suits your practice and your preferences.