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The 6 best all-mountain skis for 2020

If you’re looking for a ski that can slay the pistes and taste the powder on the sides, we’ve got exactly what you need: the versatile skis! Nowadays, most brands have come up with an all-mountain range, a type of skis that’s mostly designed to ride on hardpack yet still feels nimble when you go on the sides to enjoy the soft and spring snows. This category gathers skis with a waist width between 80 and 90mm, which is ideal for the conditions you’ll face in the European resorts. And this year will be a good one! We’ve received tons of excellent 2020 all-mountain skis and our specialists have tested the best of the best to help you in your choice. Here’s their favorites for this season:

Dynastar Speedzone 4x4 82 Pro

Like a phoenix, the Speedzone 4x4 rises again with a new look and an even more performant construction. This 2020 version keeps its 4x4 spirit though and it will take you anywhere you want! Dynastar used all its latest technologies with a hybrid wood core combining polyurethane and beech wood that keeps the weight low without affecting the reactivity. The sidewalls are made of various elastic materials to absorb a maximum of vibrations, you get titanal on the edges and the ABS technology for more stability at high-speed. As if that was not enough, the 3D Profile on the tip and tail enhances your power transfers by lightening the ski extremities. The result? Well, the Dynastar 4x4 82 Pro is just impressive on piste! It feels lively, stable, pleasant to steer, whether it is for short turns or long curves, and flawlessly absorbs the terrain imperfections, a true beast! And even with only 82mm at the waist, it is surprisingly agile on bumpy, soft or melted snows, the buoyancy is pretty decent as well when you go off the beaten tracks. It’s a demanding model of course but it still feels accessible if you’ve got the level.

Black Crows Divus

The Divus may be the thinnest ski of the Black Crows all-mountain range but it is no slouch! With its titanal-reinforced wood core, it offers a characterful handling on hardpack, steering with bewildering ease all while being reactive on power transfers. On piste, you can charge down like a man possessed, the grip is securing and you can carve on the ragged edge with no fear of skidding. If you’d rather take your time and enjoy the scenery, the Divus can also be fun at a more leisurely pace. Finally, this is a Black Crows ski and there’s no Black Crows without freeride. Despite its thin waist, this ski floats well on the powder and soft snows on the sides so get out of your comfort zone and come taste the fresh! It’s a sturdy model that will please advanced riders.

Fischer RC One 86 GT

Fischer, the brand that collects alpine skiing titles and medals, has come up with a very interesting model inspired by its racing skis. With a pair of sticks like this one, you’ll spend all your time on the red and black slopes! Don't be impressed by its carbon/titanium construction, this is a comfortable ski with an excellent shock absorption and you can steer it effortlessly thanks to the combination of the Turn Zone and Bafatex technologies that lightens the ski as soon as your start to turn. If you’d rather go straight ahead, you can count on the 86mm waist to deliver a proper stability at high-speed as well as a decent buoyancy off the beaten tracks. A surprising-good versatility for a ski with this level of performance on piste! Experienced riders should be able to master it quickly since it is more accessible than the racing versions.

Blizzard Brahma 82

The latest addition to the Blizzard collection, the Brahma 82 is even faster from edge to edge than its big brother, the 86. If you like speed, you’ll be served! Forget about leisurely outings, this one was made to carve all out from one side of the piste to the other. The legendary Brahma construction ensures an incredible stability/reactivity ratio thanks to its titanal-reinforced wood core and this little rocket even has a hidden talent, a double rocker ensuring natural turn entries and a good buoyancy in the fresh. Because yes, the Brahma 82 can go taste the powder on the sides. It's an excellent ski for daredevils who want to get some speed without having to buy a pure carving machine!

Zag H86

The H family from Zag has been fully revamped with new sidecuts for more versatility. The thinnest model of the range, the H86 is naturally at ease on piste, biting the groomed hard with a great torsional rigidity for a strong edge hold and a mind-blowing rebound out of turns. The wood core boosts the reactivity while delivering a very pleasant handling and you can ride without burning your legs. Carving enthusiasts can push it to its limits, it doesn't move an inch at high speed. Furthermore, the 86mm waist works well in light powder and with its double rocker, it is relatively quick to master compared to the pure piste models. It will be perfect for intermediate and advanced-level riders.

Elan Wingman 86 Ti

Everybody knows the famous Amphibio ski from Elan but for 2020, our specialists have chosen the Wingman! You still get the Amphibio technology though with its slightly asymmetrical skis for enhanced sensations. The Wingman 86 Ti is the widest model of the range which means you can venture on the piste sides trouble-free. On powder, you’ll barely feel the moguls under your feet, even on crud or soft spring snows! With its titanal reinforcements, this ski is mostly destined to riders who like to vary the pleasures on piste, it almost steers on its own and it’s a real pleasure to link turns at speed. All in all, a very intuitive model that will suit intermediate to advanced level skiers who want to explore the resort without ending dead tired. The most demanding riders out there can also opt for the Wingman 86 CTi with its additional carbon stringers.

Comparison chart: 2020 all-mountain skis

Ski Level Dimensions (mm) Speed Stability Reactivity Powder
Dynastar Speedzone 4x4 82 Pro advanced to expert 128-82-112 + + + + + + + + +
Black Crows Divus advanced to expert 124-82-110 + + + + + + +
Fischer RC One 86 GT advanced to expert 128-85-114 + + + + + + + + +
Blizzard Brahma 82 advanced to expert 121-82-105 + + + + + + + +
Zag H86 intermediate to advanced 126-86-111 + + + + + + + + +
Elan Wingman 86 Ti intermediate to advanced 130-86-115 + + + + + + +