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Snowboard Verdad Dj

Advanced - expert
Freestyle all-mountain
Winter 2020

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The DJ may be the best Verdad snowboard for the piste and the park with tons of grip, pop and stability, as well as an excellent glide of course!


Level Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category Freestyle All-mountain
Year 2020
Snowboard camber Traditional
Insert 4X2
Shape 100% Twintip
Reference nr H20VERDBOA006
Accessibilité snowboard 2
Grip 4
Pop 5
Stiffness 4
Stability 4

The Verdad DJ is a highly-performant board with a twin-tip shape that's ideal for freestyle, a powerful construction, and a classic camber for a max of grip and rebound. It stands out with the incredible quality of its Sintered 10 000 Base and its exceptional glide.

What's on the agenda for the Verdad DJ snowboard?

With the classic camber combined to a powerful construction (poplar/bamboo wood core reinforced by triaxal fiberglass and carbon/kevlar stringers), things are pretty clear! The Verdad DJ was born to ride all out and send big tricks! Precise and tonic to ride the hell out of every opportunity on piste and carve like a beast, it also offers well enough pop to send crazy ollies! That's not a forgiving board that's for sure but it will allow you to surpass your limits and go faster (and higher) than ever!

Who is the Verdad DJ snowboard for?

Powerful and technical, this model was made for advanced and expert riders who want to ride hard on piste and set the park on fire. That's not a monster either however and you don't need the legs of an athlete to master it.

What are the main assets of the Verdad DJ?



High-end waist

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