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Snowboard K2 Raygun

Intermediate - advanced
Freeride all-mountain
Winter 2020

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With the K2 Raygun men snowboard, you can make the most of all the resort thanks to a nimble, manoeuvrable and reactive board with good abilities on all terrains!


Snowboard category Freeride All-mountain
Gender Men
Year 2020
Snowboard camber Flat
Insert 4X2
Shape Directional
Directional shape
2000 Extruded Base
Directional Rocker Baseline
Biax Top - ICG 10
Aspen Core

Here's the Raygun, a directional board offering great abilities in turns whatever the terrain. Its flex is accessible yet still poppy and stable thanks to the addition of new carbon stringers, it is not too demanding physically and the flat camber helps to prevent edge catch.

What's on the agenda for the K2 Raygun snowboard?

The K2 Raygun is very versatile board that lets you ride on all types of snow. The setback stance makes it naturally good in turns, especially with the rocker on the front tip. The wood core offers a tonic flex but is still accessible physically-speaking so you won't end up dead tired after a few descents. Carbon stringers have been added to bring more pop and stability which means the board is now livelier in carved turns without being too rigid either. Broadly speaking, an excellent board to have fun and chain descents all day long. Don't be shy and go explore the piste sides, you'll quickly see how nimble and playful the Raygun is!

Who is the K2 Raygun snowboard for?

The Raygun will be perfect for intermediate-level snowboarders who want to get good everywhere in the resort, or more advanced snowboarders looking for something manageable.

What are the main assets of the K2 Raygun?

Compromise reactivity/accessibility



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