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Snowboard Verdad Snake

Intermediate - advanced
Freestyle all-mountain
Winter 2018

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This freestyle snowboard Verdad Thib Roux Mollard is a performant pro-model for high-level freestylers who want a board able to cope with all of their tricks.


Snowboard category Freestyle All-mountain
Gender Men
Year 2018
Snowboard camber Traditional
Insert 4X2
Shape 100% Twintip
Shape Twin
Diamond Stone Finish
Factory Wax
Sintered base
V-Light Woodcore
Bidirectional Fibers

This is the first pro model of Thibault Roux Mollard, the ultimate achievement in every pro rider career. This 2018 Verdad snowboard features attractive grapics designed by the two artists Sasha Maiuk and Pavel Dovgal. This deck also owns a powerful construction: just watch Thibault’s videos, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

What can the 2018 Verdad Snake snowboard do?

This Verdad snowboard features a twin shape and a traditional camber to offer maximal pop and support. This board is built for agressive freestylers. You can charge as hard as you want and try to push the board to its limits you won’t reach them. The kevlar and carbon reinforcements deliver power and response and keep this model stable like a rock. As every powerful board, the Thib Roux Mollard delivers enjoyable performance on piste allows carvers to get their daily dope. But let’s face it, the Snake is not a board you want to use on piste, it’s a park gun or a street weapon made to keep your creativity flowing!

Who is the 2018 Verdad Snake snowboard designed for?

This Verdad snowboard is intended for advanced riders with a solid technical level looking for a stable and powerful board to perform their freestyle game on every terrain.

What are the main assets of the 2018 Verdad Snake snowboard?




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